« girls don’t want boyfriends girls want casey frey » said random user on twitter. So, who’s this casey frey dude who’s about to steal your goth girlfriend (or catboyfriend) ?

Some would say a comedian genius, a meme lord (even if though this terminology has been excluded in 2020)… He’s one of those faces you know because some of your annoying-friend-crush-mutual twitter with a My Hero Academia profil picture had retweeted randomly, as per see a ritual of a kind, the banger of this one casey frey dude.

Where the legend itself has begun…

Sonnely named « ur dumb » among the fans, this video of casey frey dancing (flirting) with two versions of himself has been subject of analysis, since no available explantions by the author himsef were given.

casey once said about his vid :

It just felt right. I’ve always been able to do that, but I didn’t plan like, I’m gonna put my shoulders up for this character thing. I think it just suited the vibe in the moment.

casey frey in Fader, 9th of december, 2019

Fans went with better and more creative responses to the legendaric vids :

casey origins ???

Back in 2019, casey frey was only a funny with a funny instagram account where he would post funny vids. He was an influencer (ex Viner), and as being an influencer on Instgram is synonyme of being a walking plague, he did, in fact, made his way on the holy hell grave of TWITTER DOT COM.

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Come here lemme teach u somethin😜

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the hell video in question

Casey, the legacy !!

Casey is now gladly known as a wellcomed contributor of twitter and a sort of evil twin of hunky actor Jack Gyllenhaal

sorry fam I was too lazy to look for the original tweet lol

But as much he’s the very real doppelgänger of Mysterio in Brokeback Mountain, casey is now a synonymous of a wild and free lifestyle. His dancing is surely a love match with people on internet, and can be seen by hiostorians (redditors i suppose), he’s, with fellow former viners, a proto tiktokers.

People are now fond of this one casey dude, and they love to show it with paying tribute by editing fancams

i stan

Or editing mashups

i have nothing to say he KILLS IT